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Our Story

In world where Plastic Pollution has become the HOT TOPIC of the decade, our focus has been the effects of PLASTICs on our environment. But we need to look closer to home...

Plastics have a MUCH MORE damaging effect... the effects it has on US HUMANS... and particularly OUR CHILDREN. The estrogen-mimicking chemicals and other toxins can leach into food and drink. The perfect reason to AVOID plastics altogether.

Our mission it to increase awareness of the harmful chemicals found in plastic water bottles, kids plates, sippy cups, cutlery... all of which can leach into our food and drink... even those marked "BPA-FREE" are not safe! Take a look at our alternatives. 

Why do we focus on kids? Out of convenience, its common to serve food and drink on plastic products for our kids. Plastic is strong and easy to clean. If dropped by accident, its "safe". As adults we are also exposed but not as frequently. Of course, our quality products can be used by grown-ups too and we actively encourage it!

Teach your kids and they will learn. Lead by example and they will follow.

Let's make a difference to REDUCE WASTE... but let's also keep our kids SAFE!