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EvoCups Kids Drinkware - Set of 2
EvoCups Kids Drinkware - Set of 2
EvoCups Kids Drinkware - Set of 2
EvoCups Kids Drinkware - Set of 2

EvoCups Kids Drinkware - Set of 2

$29.99 Sale price

Worried about the PLASTIC TOXINS in those SIPPY cups that you give your kids? Did you even know they were there?

Your little one needs a drink. You know his hand-eye coordination is not quite there yet and most of the drink will end up on him or on the floor. So you reach for the “trusty” plastic sippy cup… not realising the risk of estrogen mimicking chemicals leaching into his drink. 

So great, you have a clean floor but are now putting your child at risk EVERYDAY.

You want the convenience of a lidded cup, but DON’T want it to FEED your child with these harmful chemicals... Plastic-Free is the way to go.

That’s where our EVOCUPS DRINKWARE SET comes in. No plastics anywhere. Only premium grade stainless steel and food grade inert silicone parts. Avoids spills too.

Your little ones health and safety is priceless… this set is only $24.99. A set that a 9 month old can start using and will last until ADULTHOOD! Great step towards reducing waste.

Limited stock. We often sell out as we only manufacture in small quantities to ensure quality!


  • Suitable from 9 months and up (although we have 6 month olds using them)
  • 18/8 Premium Grade Stainless Steel Cups will last a lifetime.
  • Food Grade, no filler Silicone Sippy Lids – Universal Fit to almost any cup
  • Silicone cup sleeves to provide grip and protection to little hands
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A set that can be adapted to your growing childs needs. Truly REUSABLE.
  • BPA-FREE, non toxic, reusable, recyclable, strong, durable.


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