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PURC Organic Lavender Shampoo Bar 100%
PURC Organic Lavender Shampoo Bar 100%

PURC Organic Lavender Shampoo Bar 100%

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Your child has skin that is 60% MORE absorbent than our adult skin, making chemicals contained in Shampoos and Creams EVEN MORE risky. In addition, traditional shampoos have always come in PLASTIC bottles. Very often the type of plastic used for these bottles ARE NOT RECYCLABLE.

Introducing PURC Organic Lavender Shampoo Bar fully of natural oils to sooth and calm your child. No bottle, just store like a bar of soap. 

Be careful as the shampoo is NOT TEAR-FREE  but will be much healthier for your little ones skin and hair.

And why not use this WONDERFUL SHAMPOO for yourself too?! As an added bonus, this bar also doubles up as body soap! 

100% PURE and Vegan handmade cold processed hair shampoo, no chemicals or preservatives.

For external use only, if it comes in to contact with eyes, rinse out thoroughly

How to use: Wet your hands with a little warm water, roll the bar in your hands to create a luxurious lathered foam, massage into the scalp and hair for a few minutes. Rinse the hair with warm water thoroughly. Viola! Clean, beautifully smelling hair. 

NOTE: During busy times, delivery may on rare occasions be 2 to 4 weeks. BUT is usually less than 7 days.